Hey there, my name is Valerio Romagnoli and I'm based in Zurich. My passion for sneakers started in 2010 when I started buying every now and then a pair of Nike Air Max. In 2015 a good friend of mine opened the door to the sneakerworld for me. He introduced me to Asics, the brand I prefer by now. Soon I got my hands at my first pair. It was the Gel Lyte V Koyo in collaboration with TGWO. Still a special pair for me. Now my collection is mainly focused on Asics. I also like some quality stuff, for example Hikmets Sonra, Made in Germany Kangaroos or Made in Italy Diadoras. But in the end, my heart beats for Asics.


My first Holy Grail I got was the Salmon Toe OG. I never thought I'll ever get my hands on these. Somehow they landed by me and I'm very thankful for that.


The Wildcats are a very special pair for me. They were the first pair of Gel Lyte III which blew my mind. I was on the hunt for over two years. It was a big relief for me when I got these.


The 25th anniversary pack was a really nice thing. Of course I like some pairs more than others. My personal top 3 is Squad > Dirty Buck > Solstice.