Hi there! My name is Jannis and I am from Zurich, Switzerland. I have been a fan of sneakers for years but would consider myself a real sneakerhead since early 2015. I do mainly collect Asics, some New Balance or Adidas on the side. The Gel Lyte III isprobably my favourite silhouette as it is simple, not bulky and yet timeless. It’s all about the great community in here!


Asics Gel Lyte III x St. Alfred „Lakeshore"

This pair started the addiction of rare Asics. An absolute favorite in Colorway and Quality as it has a leather lining. Saw the pair at a local sneaker event and although I was aware of how much it would cost, I struggled with myself as I was about to spend 450$ on a shoe. But I did it anyway and now I got 2 of these beauties!


Asics Gel Lyte III „Made in Japan"

When these first came out the people weren’t even aware what a masterpiece dropped. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to cop and started my journey of searching. I was lucky and found my size! As already mentioned, I am all about the materials. If you ever got the chance to buy these, go for it! They get nicer and nicer with every wear.


Asics Gel Lyte „Zillion"

This pair was first released back in 2011. In the last couple of months the price of these went up like crazy! Special about these are the kimono material they used. Unfortunately it is a super delicate material and it gets dirty very easily. Probably the comfiest GL3 ever made!