Hi! I´m from cologne, Germany, the most beautiful city in the world! When I finished my skateboarding career (hehe) which beside the sport is focused on style, fashion and of course shoes I come into contact with comfortable sneakers. In the skateboarding time shoes need to be good looking and functional, nowadays the functionality is less important but materials, color-composition and story behind the shoe is really important. My first pair was an Air Max One in 2011. Before that I had Nikes and other sneaker but without the knowledge that there is a sneaker culture! In a fast pace I have discovered special releases or „sold out pairs“ which I really like and want to hunt! The feeling to finish the and finally to open the box is great. The first shoe I really want was a Air Max 90 Infrared. That was before the re-release. I didn't want to pay resell (it was more than 250€). So I decided to make an ID! 180€ was a lot of money for shoes but I was happy! In 2012 I jumped into Asics with the Gel Lyte 3 Tan and the Exploration Pack. I beated them to death. With those two beauties I found my love for Asics. With the beginning of 2013 the collaboration time exceeded. My first Asics Collabo was the Asics Gel Lyte 3 x Bait x Vanquish. With them the hunt begins all over the world wide! I thank the sneakergame for many nice conversations, new friendships and sometimes big and little adventures. For me personally the most important thing is that there exist a lot of trust between the people in the sneakerscene!



I like most of the collabs from Ronnie Fieg with Asics. I think one of the most underrated pairs is the Asics GT2. My first Ultramarine was from Djakarta and it was really faded (one of the major problems with the GT2s). I had the chance to pick them up again DS for a good price in Spain. With that pair the GT2 Hunt starts.

Foto 03.05.16, 17 56 20.jpg


The Super Red was an easy pick up in France. There are many pairs available online so I double it for a while. Meanwhile I wear the „beater“ and have sold the pair to stock. But these pair is perfect in the way of how the deep the red is, the combination of red and grey, and of course the materials.


Rose Gold

I had to pick up the Rose Golds for a huge resell price in the US. They were DS with OG all and exactly my size. With the knowledge that I have bought SuperRed and Ultramarine before I had to do this without any complaints. And I never regret that deal. This pair is my #1. Its simply perfect!! Nothing more to say!