Hey guys, my name is Dominik Möllemann aka @domjm. I am from Düsseldorf, Germany and actually 18 years old. I have been interested into sneakers since I was 10 years old and started collecting in 2014. My collection is focused on runners but there are some exceptions, as I try to buy and wear what I like I don't stick to one type of shoe or even one brand. For me personally the best thing about the sneaker scene is that I meet a lot of new people from all over the world and some of these people are now some of my closest friends. Here are some of my favourite pairs.


Saucony Burger

The firtst pair of limited sneakers I got my hands on. Released in May 2014 this pair started my passion for sneakers. As this was my first pair of limited sneakers it was pretty hard for me to get them. I went to my local sneakerstore early in the morning but unfortunately they were already sold out but some guy who camped for the pair sold them to me for a very, very good price (close to retail). That was the point when I realised one thing: If you really want a pair you have to put effort in it to get the pair. As this is my first pair it is definitely one of my favorites.


Asics x Afew "Koi"

I come from Düsseldorf, Afew is my local sneaker store, I know the owners and most of the stuff and I really like japanese stuff. No question that the Koi was a must cop for me. I camped for 3 days with 250 other people and had to skip school ( Thanks to my parents for helping me to get my hands on this pair 😉 ). But it was worth the campout, I met a lot of nice people and it is easily one of the best Asics pairs ever made.


Puma RF698 x Kith x Highsnobiety Friends & Family Sample

I got this sample pair from a friend who is interested in sneakers for ages. Easily my rarest pair! There are just 72 pairs of the released version which was handed out to friends and family of Kith and Highsnobiety. This sample version has different 3M details and some of these samples 'disappeared' in a puma factory. So there is no exact number of existing pairs but it is rumoured to be around 10 pairs world wide.