I'm Chom, born in Malaysia and settled down in Perth, Western Australia. I am a Data Analyst by profession. My day job provides me with a decent lifestyle but it came to a point where it stop pushing my creativity, hence I got into sneakers and photography about 2 years ago.

There are heaps of nice kicks out there but for some reason I got hooked on the sexy tiger stripes. Just like many others, the addiction kicked in and I found myself spending non-stop on the GR & collabs of gl3 & glv, and one time when my bank account balance hit zero, a light bulb popped-up on my head and I thought 'How about painting myself a pair of gl3?'. I have learned so much from customizing kicks, I love the challenges and the all the time spent on them saved me heaps of money from drinking and partying.

Big shoutout to the sneaker community and those crazy sneaker instagrammers who keep stimulating my brain cells and pushing me to think outside of the box. I considered myself as a young grasshopper in the sneaker scene but keen to learn and explore, I am also single, available, and ready to mingle! PM me if you would like to have a chat! Have a great one :)