Hello everyone, I introduce myself my name is @cerruticorentin you can find me on instagram. I am currently 21 years old and I am from the most beautiful French town, Annecy. I do not know if I can identify myself as a collector of sneakers but rather as a passionate. This passion goes back many years but it has really been in my life since 2011, since I am financially independent. I am a very big fan of the Gel Lyte III this is the subject of my main purchases even if I have other pairs that are a hit of hearts. I will present 3 of my favorite pairs :


This pair is a collaboration between asics and lamjc released in 2008 it would be limited to 100 pairs but according to some stories I could hear there would be a little more. Since I started loving asics this pair is the pair that I dreamed of having until a German seller posts an ad on ebay, this opportunity and voila now it is home to me for very long. I got to find the bag also not long ago so now the pack is full. The colorway of this pair is simply crazy.


In 2nd place I would put this pair result of a collaboration between asics and ronnie fieg, released in 2010 and limited to 214 pairs. I was really scape on this pair before seeing it in real during a meet up and I started looking. It was very difficult to find in good condition but the patient is the key in this game. I am currently looking for the bag to be able to also have the complete pack. Quality and this simple colorway make the difference on this pair.


Finally I wanted to present this last pair. Surely one of the most emblematic pairs of Asics is the result of a collaboration with ronnie fieg. Initially released in 2013 after the terrible tsunami that hit Haiti, this pair was very difficult to obtain. In 2016 for the 5 years of KITH he decided to release the 2.0, not much change with the 1.0 if not the quality of the pair that is made in japan, the colorway remained the same. This pair is really for me a simplicity that is mixed with this flash of green.