Hi my name is Cedric I'm a French guy who live is Paris. My addiction start 6 years ago and I restarted collecting them 3 years ago. I'm always looking for the quality, history or technology in the sneak. I'm not focused in one brand If i like it I take it because the most important thing is to feel good in my kicks. Now check my three fav 😉


For me the Aj1 is one of the most iconic kicks. And a start my interest about this one too late and now I want all of them. I chose this pics cuz they represent the 2016 Olympic game and the touch of gold is just perfect.

Photo 01-11-2016 23 01 56.jpg

The air max has a long story for me. I was born in April 1987 just 2 weeks after the first release and I love this shoes. This one had a big 87 to the bottom guess what they was for me Haha. This CW white phantom in premium leather is awesome to my eyes


I chose this asics Atmos because they was so hard to find in France. And when I get it the box was from Tokyo imagine my surprise. By the way I'm actually in love with the Camo CW that's why too. 👊🏼