I am Maximilian Löwe aka @airMAX1189 from Kassel, Germany. I have been addicted to Sneakers since my childhood years, but I consider myself as collector since 2009. I have come from collecting Nike Air Max 1 and Asics Gel Lyte III to Diadora N9000, Adidas Ultra Boost and NMD. I love the simplicity of Sneakers combined with high quality materials and futuristic technology. Sneakers aren’t just shoes, they represent lifestyle and fashion for me and have become a big part of my everyday life.


Adidas Ultra Boost Custom ‚Red Wine’

A Special pair for me. Based on my beat Ultra Boost Wool Grey. I took one of my favorite colors, burgundy, and put together this fully burgundy colored custom. Accents in sky blue and yellow, inspired my the most perfect sneaker ever for me, the Air Max 1 Patta x Parra. The feedback on this pair was amazing and it became my most liked picture ever.


Asics x Afew Gel Lyte III ‚Koi‘

Since their first selfmade sample for Japan Day, I was hoping that Asics gives Afew the possibility to produce them for the masses. As part of Asics’ 25th anniversary collection my wish became true. I camped out in front of Afew’s store in Düsseldorf for 2 days to get my pair… and was lucky. Easily one of the best Asics pairs ever made for me.


Diadora x La MJC N9000 ‚All Gone‘

 The All Gone books are famous to every collector for summing up the year’s best sneaker releases. When La MJC and Diadora decided to design one pair for every book, I was excited. The All Gone 2007 pair was my first from the collection. I love the simple, but effective red colorway and the amazing quality.