Hi everyone. First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog. First I would like to introduce myself, tell my story, and at the end tell what this blog will bring in the future.

As some of you may know, my name is Oliver Berg Nielsen and I go by the username @Olivaah397 on Instagram. I am 19 years old and finished upper high school in Denmark, in summer 2016. Right now I am taking a skiing season in beautiful Silver Star, BC (Canada).
Once I get back to Denmark I'll continue studying in Odense, Denmark.

I am the single founder / owner of Epsilon Magazine, Sig Magazine and Ukiyo Media in general. Let me try to tell the story of each project:

Epsilon Magazine:

Epsilon Magazine was originally created for sneakerheads to tell their story about how they got into shoes and why they like them so much. Inspired by the famous "Humans of New York" project, I started contacting hundreds of sneakerheads, with a very different amount of fame and followers, and asked them if they wanted to do an interview on my website. 90% read and ignored my message, 5% blocked me, 2% never read the message and then the last 3% actually took their time and wrote an interview.

At the very beginning there was no Instagram account, no hashtag, no Facebook page - honestly no advertising at all. Around the 10th interview in the series "I am a sneakerhead", the Instagram account was created. Today the Instagram is even bigger than the website itself, thanks to the help of the Team Epsilon admins (I'll get back to that later)

Slowly people started to get to know Epsilon Magazine and saw the potential in it. The turning point of the Instagram account was the creating of Team Epsilon. So what's the deal with Team Epsilon?
Well basically me and my Copenhagen homeboys wanted to start a team. So we went together and invited some of our friends from across the world. In a few weeks we had a massive team with such talented people. With great success comes haters. I guess I don't have to mention your names 😉

Today Epsilon Magazine is more than just the interviews. Around a month ago we started a "Sneaker Handbook" where some team members and friends of the website writes about releases throughout the last few years. We also try to cover as many sneaker events as possible.

So in the future you can expect way more content on the website as well as our growing Instagram account.

Sig Magazine:

Sometimes the sneaker community can be a pain in the ass (sorry guys)
So I wanted to try out something outside our lovely community. Using some of the keystones from the Epsilon Instagram account, I created SigMagazine in early January 2017. But instead of sneaker photos, Sig is more general pictures. If you're into photography you should definitely check it out!

For now it will remain as an Instagram only. But who knows, maybe there will be a website in the future.

Ukiyo Media:

Ukiyo is Japanese and means "Living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life".
Basically I wanted to have an overall name for both Instagram accounts and the website. Who knows, maybe more projects will come in the future.

So what is this blog all about?
Well this is where I come out with all my thoughts on subjects regarding shoes / the sneaker community. I'll definitely do some reviews / behind the scene posts from photo shoots / events etc. But that ain't easy while being on the mountain. So for the next two months it might just be some old stories from events / campouts / photo shoots and hopefully some covering on new releases etc.

Thank you for reading all this, if you have any questions you can feel free to either message me on Instagram @Olivaah397 or simply email me at

Oliver Berg