Ukiyo media

Ukiyo Media is a Copenhagen, Denmark based website where dedicated people can share their stories about their passion.

The website first started out as - with a solo series entitled "I am a sneakerhead": 

In late 2016, we took the project a step further and changed our name to Ukiyo Media. Along this transformation we formed Sig Magazine. While Epsilon Magazine focuses on "sneakerheads" and picture of shoes, Sig focuses on passionate photographers from across the globe. Alongside this new Instagram account, we formed a new series of interviews: 

If you wish to be featured in one of the series, please use the contact button at the bottom of this page. 

About me

My name is Oliver Berg Nielsen, and I have been working with social media and marketing for a few years. I will continue to study marketing and brand management at SDU this September in Odense, Denmark.

The idea behind Ukiyo Media was simple - a platform where both known and upcoming artists and collectors could tell their stories about how and why they became involved with these communities. I am a big shoe collector myself, but I also enjoy taking pictures. That's why I combined both Epsilon Magazine and Sig Magazine in this Ukiyo project.

From a humble beginning to currently making hundreds of thousands of weekly impressions on Instagram - Ukiyo Media has already become bigger than I could ever have imagined.