Adidas Trinidad | Island Series Re-Issue

"If you were lucky, you might of
managed to grab some of the postcards"

The original Trinidad released in 1982 as part of the iconic "Island Series" which started back in the 70's. After finding out these were re-issuing in 2015 I pulled the trigger instantly and anxiously waited for the release date 6 months or so later.

Releasing in the seasons line up alongside the Jamaica and Cancun some fans were a little underwhelmed. Unfortunately, many pairs seemed to have errors, with glue marks present more often than not. I managed to find a half decent pair but mine are not perfect. These issues were not limited to just that seasons releases, the previous Island Series (Tahiti, Samoa, Hawaii) and City Series releases (Bern, Stockholm, Rouge) also had the same issues. The price also started to creep up, much to the dismay of many long time collectors.

The aforementioned reasons alongside an increase in production numbers for this category certainly contributed to relatively poor sell through; you have to consider the previous performance of the City Series which sold out within days. This pair originally retailed at £74.99 but ended up in sale, sometimes as low as £35 or part of offers like buy two, get one free. If you look hard enough you could probably still find pairs on sale with some retailers.

With all that being said I still really love this pair, the colour-way is spot on with the surf red popping nicely on foot. Although not the highest grade, the suede upper is acceptable with the black three stripes adding some effective contrast. The shoe is balanced with a black heel tab and gum outsole keeping things nice and simple. In my pair I choose to go with the tonal lace for uniformity.

Again Adidas called on Huddersfield-based Illustrator Peter O'Toole to produce art work for the roll out. If you were lucky, you might of managed to grab some of the postcards featuring his work that accompanied the shoe in selected stores. I appreciate extras like this, although a novelty they carried the theme well and add a special touch.

For those that don't know, Peter is not new to Adidas and even has his own shoe called the 'Quotoole' which he worked on with legendary Adidas collector Quote von Kokscht. I have put a link to his personal site below; I would fully recommend checking out some of his catalogue as you will surely recognise his work.

I've long found the heritage models slightly narrow and this is the case here, so I would recommend sizing up by a half size (UK8.5 > UK9). If you're unsure on sizing try on a pair of Gazelle OG as the fit is similar.

By Allen Marshall | 06/11/2016